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August 21, 2007

Keep me away from the server…

So I was helping out with some work on the site this morning, and I inadvertently deleted this entire blog… I was freaking out, thinking back on the months and months of postings that were now lost, and pondering the impermanence of this digital medium. Thankfully our ISP occasionally backs … Read More

August 17, 2007

You gotta love metal type

Here’s some of the metal type we’ll be including in the limited-edition boxes. Vintage examples of Helvetica Extended Bold… cast at the old Stempel foundry in Germany. Nice. Read More

August 16, 2007

DVD sneak peek: Hermann Zapf

In these two interview clips from the DVD extras, legendary type designer Hermann Zapf discusses his career, and gives his thoughts on Univers, Helvetica, and coffee… … Read More

August 13, 2007

DVD now available for pre-order!

The DVD edition of Helvetica is now available for pre-order, in two flavors. The retail edition of the DVD includes over 90 minutes of bonus interview footage from Massimo Vignelli, Erik Spiekermann, Matthew Carter, David Carson, Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, and other designers from the film. There’s also a special … Read More

August 7, 2007

ICA London Premiere tix on sale

Tickets are now available for the September 1st premiere event at the ICA London. Join me, design writer Rick Poynor, and designer Michael C. Place (Build) for a screening, Q&A, and ICA bar event with special guest designer DJ sets! Get tickets quickly, there are less than 200 total … Read More

August 6, 2007

Do you come from a land down under?

Portland, near the Boathouse. Read More

August 6, 2007

TypeConned in Seattle

Handpainted sign by John Downer It was exactly one year ago that I attended TypeCon in Boston, and showed three minutes of raw footage from the film. I know what you non-designers are thinking: “C’mon, there’s actually a convention for fonts???” You better believe it, pal. So … Read More

August 3, 2007

Sky writing

I can’t read German, but this is brilliant: An alphabet made up of photos of the negative space between buildings when you look up at them. Genius. (Via Mark Simonson’s Notebook) … Read More

August 2, 2007

Goin’ down to Oxford Town

Beadie and Jess hand out the Britdoc awards Onward to rainy Oxford, England, and the 2nd Annual Britdoc Festival. There were two dozen UK and international documentaries screening, but it seemed the focus was really on the workshops and the pitching forum. The forum consisted of 12 … Read More

August 2, 2007

SF tickets gone

Tickets for the encore Helvetica screening in San Francisco next Monday are sold out. But the film will be returning to SF for a limited run at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in early October. Tickets for those screenings go on sale this Friday, August 3rd. Read More