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March 12, 2008

Tangled up in Blu

The Blu-ray editions are now available for pre-order. Standard edition here, European orders here, and the awesome Experimental Jetset limited edition that I’m holding, here. And I promise this is the last “blu” pun in my post titles… … Read More

March 9, 2008

Welcome to The Deck

The Deck is a network of very cool websites which we are honored to be a part of. Two new sites have just joined our group: FFFFOUND! and Cluster Flock. Explore. Read More

March 9, 2008

Justin Mitchell on the “New Paradigm”

Filmmaker Justin Mitchell took a break from shooting his new documentary in Brazil to add his comments to the On Google Video and The New Paradigm discussion. So I thought I’d start a new thread with his post: Gary – What is the answer my friend? For those … Read More

March 5, 2008

Blu Wednesday

Okay, I just got photos of the Blu-ray HD special edition package from Experimental Jetset, and I’m about to pee myself. So I had to share a few of the pix: The 12″ gatefold sleeve Inside: the Blu-ray disc sleeve and a fold-out poster A new … Read More

March 5, 2008

PBS: Yes!

Big television news: Helvetica will have its US television debut on PBS, as part of the Independent Lens series. It will premiere early in their 2008-09 season, we’ll have the exact broadcast date in July. I am extremely excited and honored that Helvetica is joining Enron: The Smartest Guys … Read More

February 24, 2008

You’ve got the spirit, don’t lose the feeling

Laura Dunn and her Truer Than Fiction award Well, I didn’t win the Truer Than Fiction award at the Independent Spirit Awards last night. Honestly, a few minutes before they were going to give it out, I was praying that I wouldn’t win. I really didn’t want to … Read More

February 22, 2008

Thinking globally

I did a talk at Brown University’s Watson Institute Global Media Lab this week. Myself and professor James Der Derian at center, and a virtual John Santos with chihuahua via projector from San Antonio. Now it’s off to Los Angeles for the Independent Spirit Awards… wish me luck. Read More

February 21, 2008

El Ten Eleven “Hot Cakes” Video

Here’s a new video directed by Adam Hauck for one of the songs from the film (it kicks off Experimental Jetset’s interview) as performed by the always excellent rock duo El Ten Eleven. Check out Kristian rocking that double-neck bass/guitar! El Ten Eleven contributed nine songs to the film, … Read More

February 19, 2008

A Font We Can Believe In

Barack Obama and his favorite font, Gotham Unless you’ve been avoiding television, newspapers, and all other forms of mass media for the past few months, you’ve probably seen Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In” and “Stand for Change” banners. The typophiles among you have … Read More

February 17, 2008

Why don’t book publishers use Helvetica?

Nigel Beale ponders this question on The Guardian’s book blog: “All are agreed on one thing, however: Helvetica’s dominating presence. This makes its absence in the world of books all the more intriguing. Of the 50-odd I checked on my shelves, only two were printed in serif-less, Rather of … Read More