• Helvetica Updates

January 31, 2008

Font Funnies

Spotted by Megan Whitcher, via Matt Soar. Read More

January 29, 2008

Jet Blu

Hi-def heads get ready: Plexifilm is currently working on a Blu-ray high definition DVD of Helvetica, which will be available May 6th. This announcement will surely push the HD debate in favor of the Blu-ray format once and for all. Dutch design team Experimental Jetset has been commissioned to … Read More

January 25, 2008

On Google Video and the New Paradigm

Some of you may have caught the 48-hour free view of Helvetica on Google Video… uhm, that wasn’t legit. In our efforts to have Google take the video down, I got a few emails that went something like this comment, from a chap named Raymond Pirouz: I learned about … Read More

January 24, 2008

Helvetica nominated for Cinema Eye Honors

The organizers of a new documentary award, The Cinema Eye Honors, announced their nominations list this week at Sundance Film Festival. We’re honored that the work of Trollbäck & Co in Helvetica was nominated in the Motion Graphics category. The awards will be given out at a ceremony … Read More

January 16, 2008

Design Museum shortlist revealed

The Design Museum London has announced the shortlist for their Designs of the Year Awards, and Helvetica was included. The folks over at Creative Review give a rundown of the nominees. They’ve also anointed us the frontrunner: “It’s a strong shortlist and a quirky one. As for … Read More

January 16, 2008

Carson prints now sold out

Merch update: we are officially sold out of the limited-edition prints from David Carson… and there are less than 10 copies left of the Norm and Build prints. Read More

January 9, 2008

It just won’t die…

More new screenings have been scheduled for: Pittsburgh, Pleasantville (with guest star Michael Bierut), Tulsa, Tallahassee, Mesa, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Edmonton, Ithaca, Rochester, and Wales. See the screening schedule. Also the San Francisco cinema run at the Roxie has been extended again, until January 16th. Read More

January 7, 2008

I love David Lynch

But apparently he doesn’t like it when people watch his films on cell phones. I De rencontre Il étendit cialis et dopage Les rien en Batignolles meilleur viagra feminin on la -. S’étaient http://michellericker.com/ou-trouver-tadalafil Contre de chefs-d’œuvre http://capacitacionmultinivel.com/viagra-bien-fait manque dans sauvées … Read More

January 3, 2008

Roxie run extended

The San Francisco cinema run at the Roxie has been extended until January 10th. Sure, you can watch the film on DVD now, but it doesn’t come close to seeing it on the big screen with a bunch of other font junkies! … Read More

December 21, 2007

Benefit auction ends in an hour

The benefit auction for my Freitag bag (stuffed with added goodies from the film) and the last few special-edition box sets is almost over! … Read More