• Objectified Updates

July 29, 2010

The next film: Urbanized

Five years ago I began work on my first documentary, Helvetica, which looked at the worlds of typography and graphic design, and their impact on our visual environment. After Helvetica was released in 2007, I had the idea for a second film, Objectified, which focused on industrial … Read More

March 12, 2010

Design Indaba

“Documenting Design” L to R: Eames Demetrios, Doug Pray, Michael Bierut, Gary Hustwit I’ve just returned from two weeks in Africa, partly to attend the fantastic Design Indaba conference in Cape Town. I was on a panel called “Documenting Design” along with my friend Doug Pray … Read More

May 15, 2009

Press roundup

Stephanie Zacharek reviews the film for Salon: “The clarity of [Hustwit’s] approach, and the unabashed frankness of his curiosity, are just the qualities you want in a documentary filmmaker. Hustwit has clearly asked these designers the kind of straightforward questions that elicit thoughtful, if sometimes complicated, answers.” … Read More

May 1, 2009

Design at 24 Frames per Second

Gary Hustwit on making films about design: “I’ve found that most designers are incredibly skillful at explaining what they do to a non-designer, probably because they spend so much time justifying their work to clueless clients.” Read the full piece at Frieze. Read More

April 21, 2009

Objectified in America, this Friday

“The story of America for the past 60 years is essentially tied to the story of our stuff. From cars to clothes to refrigerators that simulate the Arctic better than, well, the Arctic, we as a culture love our objects. But as economic and environmental tides shift, we’re faced with … Read More

March 24, 2009

Experimental Jetset at the Walker Art Center

If you’re in Minneapolis/St. Paul, you need to go to this tonight. And if you’re not in the Twin Cities, you can watch it live on the web, from 7pm to 9pm, CST. Snuggle up with your laptop and watch some serious Dutch punk rock modernists … Read More

March 24, 2009

Austin Kleon’s notes on Objectified

Austin Kleon is a writer and cartoonist who likes to draw in the dark while he’s watching films. Here’s a detail of what he came up with during one of the SxSW screenings of Objectified, you can see the full image here. Thanks Austin! … Read More

March 22, 2009

More press

For the film, Hustwit has interviewed the sometimes starry (Marc Newson, Apple’s Jonathan Ive) but mostly shadowy figures who create the ephemera with which we fill our lives and our shopping bags: designers. “These people have immense power over us,” he says. “But what do we know about what they … Read More

March 16, 2009

SxSW dispatch

So much going on here in Austin… here’s a quick re-cap: The World Premiere screening at the Paramount Theater Saturday night was fantastic, with over 1,000 people there. Editor Joe Beshenkovsky, and film stars Tim Brown, Davin Stowell, Dan Formosa, and Rob Walker joined me onstage afterwards, and we got … Read More

February 4, 2009

Chris Bangle leaves BMW

Big news in the car design world: Objectified cast member Chris Bangle has left BMW after 16 years as the company’s design chief. “Bangle’s plan to pursue his own design-related endeavours beyond the auto industry marks the start of a new phase in his life while maintaining strong ties … Read More