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March 29, 2007

Notes from Praha

The Prague screening last night at Febiofest was fantastic, a packed cinema despite some tech delays with an earlier film that caused us to start 40 minutes late (at 11:15pm!). Almost everyone stuck around into the wee hours for the Q&A. Questions ranged from the basic “How did you pick all the designers in the film?” to “Did you realize before you started the project the relationship between Helvetica and politics?” and lots in between. Special thanks to Pavel, Jasmina, Dominika, and everyone at Febiofest for inviting me.

The puffy arches.

Is it just me, or does our poster really stand out? (Note: this poster was stolen a few hours later…)

Some free advertising from filmmaker David Kleijwegt (The Eternal Children) and the lovely Manon.

Febiofest programmer, music journalist, filmmaker, and all-around Czech rock star Pavel Klusak gets recognized.


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