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March 5, 2008

Blu Wednesday

Okay, I just got photos of the Blu-ray HD special edition package from Experimental Jetset, and I’m about to pee myself. So I had to share a few of the pix:

The 12″ gatefold sleeve

Inside: the Blu-ray disc sleeve and a fold-out poster

A new media format meets an old media format. And it’ll come in a custom cloth record bag… more pictures here.



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Abdullah says

Mar 06, 2008

I already own the dvd but I'm going to buy the blu-ray edition just for the packaging.

Tiffany says

Mar 11, 2008

Gary, is it possible to pre-order or pre-reserve a copy?

Gary says

Mar 11, 2008

Yes, we'll be announcing the pre-order info tomorrow afternoon, so they'll be available then. It's a limited-edition of 1,500 copies. We'll have photos of the record bag and design notes from Experimental Jetset up too.

Alex says

Mar 27, 2008

Is the limited version region free? I don't see a listing for it on the UK store.

Gary says

Mar 27, 2008

yes, the blu-ray disc is all-region. you can order from the US site, or it should be up in the UK store in the next day or so. thanks!