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December 17, 2007

Buy my bag!

The excellent Brooklyn non-profit arts magazine A Public Space sponsored our New York cinema run at IFC, and now we’re returning the favor by auctioning off 10 of the sold-out limited-edition box sets as a benefit for them. Plus, I’ve donated my personal Helvetica Freitag bag, as seen in the movie. It’s the yellow one with the X on it that you see being made at the factory. Inside the bag, you’ll find a limited-edition box, a Helvetica T-shirt, a copy of the latest issue of A Public Space, and special extra goodies. It’s all for a good cause, so bid now! See all the auctions. I’m sort of having second thoughts about this… I really like this bag!


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Blue says

Dec 20, 2007

Poor you. I want your bag too but I'm just a poor student so I'm stick with the limited boxset auction.