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July 26, 2007

Getting into Character

I’m officially adding Melbourne to the “Cities I’d Like to Move to” list. It’s funny because I’d always imagined that Melbourne was a beach town, a down under version of San Diego. But it’s more like the Australian Chicago… urban and arts-oriented with plenty going on above and underground.

A sold-out crowd at Character 4

The 4th annual Character event focused on the intersection of graphic design and film. The event was organized, ironically, by “Death to Helvetica” campaigner Stephen Banham. (Read this extract from Rick Poynor’s interview with Stephen in Eye Magazine).

Graphic designer turned filmmaker Garth Davis joined me afterwards for a discussion about design in films and films on design. We had some good audience participation, then headed off for after-drinks at the Narrows gallery.

Type designer, Character organizer, and Helvetica hater Stephen Banham

The infamous t-shirts…

The next day I went by Letterbox, Stephen Banham’s design studio, and picked up one of his “Death to Helvetica” t-shirts. I will be proudly wearing this!

I really enjoyed Melbourne, and cursed my schedule as I only had three days to appreciate it. Yet another city that I have to contrive a way to re-visit. Thanks to Stephen, Warren at the Narrows, and everyone involved in the event.


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