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September 3, 2007

Helvetica at 50 opens at colette

The exhibit, mid-installation

I was quite busy yesterday installing “Helvetica at 50″, an exhibit I curated at the colette Paris gallery. The day started in London, I barely made the train after Saturday night’s London premiere event at the ICA. We showed the film, and then Michael C. Place, the Experimental Jetset (who’d flown over from Amsterdam) and I took over the ICA bar and spun records for hours. I did an “all-Helvetica cover art” set… which was sort of cheating because I just used the records I’d brought over for the colette exhibit. But I got to fall in love with Television’s Marquee Moon all over again, what an amazing record. We projected the album cover art on the walls as we played.

For the colette show, I managed to cobble together a nice little overview of Helvetica, with a selection of movie posters, record covers, prints, t-shirts, and other ephemera. Special thanks to Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones for their contribution of several rare Helvetica brochures from the Haas and Stempel era. The film is being shown on a loop on a huge plasma screen, and I also got to sprinkle Helvetica-releated quotes from various designers around the walls of the store. They’ve brought in stock of Lars Müller’s Helvetica book, and a bunch of great t-shirts from Blanka.

Helvetica graffiti on the walls of the store

If you’re in Paris, come by the opening reception tonight from 5pm to 6pm and check it out! I’ll post pictures from the opening tomorrow. The show will be up through September 29. Merci beaucoup to Sarah for inviting me to do the show, and to Marc for all the help installing it.


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aniMOte says

Sep 05, 2007

Unfortunately I am not in Paris, but hope to catch a screening some day.