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January 24, 2008

Helvetica nominated for Cinema Eye Honors

The organizers of a new documentary award, The Cinema Eye Honors, announced their nominations list this week at Sundance Film Festival. We’re honored that the work of Trollbäck & Co in Helvetica was nominated in the Motion Graphics category. The awards will be given out at a ceremony on March 18 at the IFC Center in New York. Congratulations to designer Emre Veryeri, Jakob Trollbäck, and everyone at Trollbäck and Co.


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Emon says

Jan 24, 2008

Gary, loved the film! Are you aware of the film being online at Google video?

Gary says

Jan 24, 2008

Yeah, that's unauthorized, google is taking it down now... Earlier today it was #2 on their "movers and shakers" chart, right behind the video of Amy Winehouse smoking crack...

Emon says

Jan 24, 2008

It's very cool that you're continuing with the blog. Since I've seen the film I've trumpeting it around to my friends like there's no tomorrow.

What are you working on next?