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February 2, 2007


Max Kaplun made this short film about his Helvetica-themed art school project. After nixing a “Helvending Machine” that would dispense various weights of the typeface, he settles on a suitably disorganized target and Helvetisizes it.

My favorite quote: “I began to hate Helvetica, and I could feel my stomach turn whenever I saw Helvetica on a billboard or street sign.” I hear ya, brother…


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John Vetter says

Feb 06, 2007

Loved the film...but hated the abrupt ending sort of like sex without a climax.....Does the Font Rule the Day ....Does Max rise to the challenge of the Nazi Librarian......or IS the Librarian the Osama of Helvetica! Have the terrorist won! Iknow sequels almost never live up to the original..but in this case I think H2 is mos def in order! -)

Gideon Fink Shapiro says

Feb 08, 2007

Great journey through the crazy process of generating and executing a project. I think the true climax is the moment of desperation when Max realizes that the Helvetica-calibrated facial hair idea is the worst one yet. Very well resolved, however, with the final project installation unfolding like a timed game show contest: "I was allowed two hours to install as many [DVD] covers as I could..."

Lynn Short says

Feb 23, 2007

How can i get a copy of this movie to show my students?

Gary says

Feb 24, 2007

You can contact Max via his YouTube page: