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October 31, 2007

Imagine that

I spent an interesting day on the streets of London last week, watching a crew from the BBC film a one-minute introduction to Helvetica, which will be broadcast (in a shortened 48-minute version) on BBC1 in November as part of their Imagine strand. Series host (and BBC Creative Director) Allan Yentob introduces the film while walking the streets and talking about type in our daily lives. I was a casual observer, but I did do a little font spotting for them. I found some huge Helvetica on a yellow wall on Oxford Street, which ended up being the climax of the intro. I also make a brief Hitchcock-ian cameo in the intro, look for it. Exact broadcast date TBA.

Allan Yentob and BBC film crew hit the streets

Yentob showing off Helvetica on smoking warning labels

The “money shot”… you gotta love big Helvetica


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Kate Andrews says

Nov 07, 2007

I saw the show on TV last night - great.