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April 7, 2007

New York’s alright… if you like Helvetica

Thanks to everyone who came to last night’s New York Premiere… The post-screening panel with me, Massimo Vignelli, Jonathan Hoefler, Tobias Frere-Jones, and Jakob Trollbäck was hilarious, with Vignelli at his usual scene-stealing best. When someone asked the panelists what was the worst use of Helvetica they’d ever seen, Vignelli said, “In the States,” which, after a pause, people realized was his answer, not him clarifying the question. Classic.

The after-party hosted by Veer was packed, many many wine bottles were emptied, and typographic talk was talked. So we’re 5 for 5 on sold-out, really fun premiere events. Special thanks to Robyn Jordan, Stephen Hinton, Tobias Frere-Jones and everyone at AIGA NY, Tanis Shortt and everyone at Veer, and the Parsons The New School staff for all the effort. And extra special thanks to type legend Ed Benguiat, who came to the screening and gave me a Helvetica specimen poster he designed for the old New York typehouse Photo-Lettering Inc. Thanks Ed!

And for you New Yorkers who weren’t able to get tickets, we’re in the process of organizing a multi-week cinema run in Manhattan, so there will be more chances to see the film soon.


Inside (I dig the spaceship-like interior of Tischman Auditorium)

Veer gave out these double-sided love/hate Helvetica notebooks (the cover text is based on another Vignelli quote). The insides are blank lined pages, but if you look really closely you discover that the lines are actually text of quotes from the film, either for or against Helvetica, depending on which side you’re reading. Brilliant.


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Danny says

Apr 07, 2007

Hey, nice Fear reference!

Gary says

Apr 07, 2007

Damn, I can't get anything by you, van den Dungen! We need to have a punk rock DJ battle at the Kriterion after-party...

Danny says

Apr 07, 2007

Oh man, I don't know whether to be scared or excited by the idea that the movie will be shown in Amsterdam... But we're all definitely looking forward to hang out with you again!

By the way, I actually saw Fear performing live once, in New York (at the Limelight)... and they did play New York's Alright.


steve mcfarland says

Apr 12, 2007

Gary, I just caught the Boston screening, which was great - and fascinating to hear Mike and Matthew talking about those days - but I wanted to say, if you're ever going to put up any more clips, if you could put up at least part of that interview with Michael Beirut, I would show it to every last one of my friends. He is so completely hilarious, I know I could get some of my dubious friends to show some interest in Helvetica the film and the font.

Thanks, and many congratulations on the film - it really is quite compelling. I really appreciate that you let me disagree with so many people, pick my alliances naturally. Excellent!

philip cunningham says

Apr 14, 2007

Long Live Courier New...

Helvetica is alright for when you have to find the bathroom or to know the way out, but for a forward motion toward a humanist society perhaps we should try Courier New.