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March 7, 2007

Official Film Poster Unveiled

Behold the official film poster v.1, designed by our friends at Experimental Jetset. 27″ x 40″, litho printed on 100# matte paper. Now available in the shop, and we’ll be selling them at the screenings too.


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Miguel Hernández says

Mar 07, 2007

Hello Gary,

Congratulations for the Official poster, it´s really great and i will buy it inmediatly :)

I am a Graphic Design teacher and i want to make a screening of Helvetica the film in my city in Chile, if it´s possible soon.

Thanks for attend my petition,

Best Regards,
and congratulations for this documental film.


Julian Bennett Holmes says

Mar 07, 2007

Beautiful poster. Pretty clever concept, too.

But why isn't this website set in Helvetica?

Stephen says

Mar 08, 2007

Julian - Every typeface has it's place. Unfortunately, there isn't a version of Helvetica that works great at small sizes on screen. Otherwise, I'm sure Gary would have gone for 100% Helvetica on the site. Instead, Matthew Carter's eminently readable Verdana treats the content well.

Gary says

Mar 08, 2007

And since Matthew Carter is in the film, and he talks about Verdana, I'm covered!