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July 24, 2007


Tim from Q Brand in Christchurch sent me these photos of a friend of a friend of a friend of his, Nedjelco-Michel Karlovich.

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Nice ink! I’d get one too, if it weren’t for my ridiculously low pain threshhold. But anyone who gets a Helvetica tattoo gets into any screening free!


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Charles Silverman says

Jul 28, 2007

Ya know... maybe its just me... but being as fussy as I can be about my letterspacing... the last thing I'd trust is a tatoo artist to kern my "v" and "e."
Not to mention, hold the baseline. I have 2 tattoos, so it's not that I am without faith... but there is no Command-Z in in the world of body art and type.

Natasha says

Nov 11, 2008


the kerning scared me, but i understood that my body is alive and skin moves...so ultimately i am happy with my tattoo!