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January 17, 2007

Outtake Footage: Massimo Vignelli on The Map

What happens when you shoot over 60 hours of interview footage that then has to be edited down to just over one hour? You end up with a lot of great content that for one reason or another isn’t going to make it into the final film. So this is the first in a series of posts highlighting some of that raw “outtake” footage. Some of these scenes will end up on the DVD edition of the film as special features, but some clips may only exist here on the site.

In this clip, Massimo Vignelli explains his infamous 1972 New York Subway map and the controversy it caused. Then he realizes what he should have done instead…

Coming soon: outtake footage from Hermann Zapf, Matthew Carter, Neville Brody, Wim Crouwel, and more.


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chris zodrow says

Jan 30, 2007

i'll come to your film just to listen to vignelli! great stuff. i so look forward to seeing it. you should host a run in olympia at one of our film festivals. i'll be you point man if you need one.

Pasquale says

Feb 26, 2007

Ascoltare l’esperienza di un grande Maestro è sicuramente entusiasmante.