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March 5, 2008

PBS: Yes!

Big television news: Helvetica will have its US television debut on PBS, as part of the Independent Lens series. It will premiere early in their 2008-09 season, we’ll have the exact broadcast date in July. I am extremely excited and honored that Helvetica is joining Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, The Weather Underground, An Unreasonable Man, Wordplay, and dozens of other films that have had their television premieres on Independent Lens.

So in answer to Charles McGrath’s recent New York Times story, “Is PBS Still Necessary?”, I’ll answer with a resounding: Yes!


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C-lo says

Mar 06, 2008


Karen B says

Nov 08, 2009

this show was great! It was so interesting to see people talk about a font with such passion. Since I retired I haven't had a decent conversation about fonts. I love letters- just like the people on the show. I had not appreciated helvetica before- now I see how beautiful it really is. It's gorgeous. (I wish I could have stayed awake for the whole show)
thank you!
Karen B