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January 26, 2007

Print Party Pix

Pentagram New York was kind enough to host a reception for our print series on Thursday night. Drinks were drunk, a few clips from the film were screened, and revelry was revelled. Special thanks to Michael Bierut, Paula Scher, and everyone at Pentagram for having us.

The crew: DP Luke Geissbuhler, Editor Shelby Siegel, Director Gary Hustwit

David Carson, Tobias Frere-Jones, Paula Scher, Mike Parker, Charlotte Magnuson

The gang from Veer, with Gary in the middle (with “M” ears…)


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Jorge Pedroso says

Jan 27, 2007

Hel' yeah!

About David Carson and Paula Scher there. They are both public known as not so fans of Helvetica and all the jazz about it. So how they reacted to those sneak peeks of the film. Have they smiled? :P

Cheers to Khoi Vinh, who was there too and will be giving us another batch of the hel-fucking-vetica tshirt.

Nice to meet you Mr. Gary Hustwit.

Gary says

Jan 27, 2007

Carson and Scher loved the clips. Neither of them are fans of Helvetica, but that's their role in the film, to talk about expressive type and why they don't use the big H.

And Carson will actually be designing one of our next series of letterpress prints, what I like to call the Anti-Helvetica series...


Ian says

Jan 28, 2007

Glad to see the film is progressing well and that you are enjoying the ride.

Rogue Post NYC

shibo says

Mar 12, 2007

I hope I can see the film soon..
I studied in Pratt before and now live in Taipei.
when will it be released on DVD?