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July 29, 2008

Rolling Stones? Never heard of ’em.

More iTunes blow-by-blow: first Helvetica had to kick 27 Dresses to the curb last week en route to our peak at #10 on the overall iTunes movie sales chart. But no other film has even dared challenge our #1 documentary position, until now: Martin Scorcese’s Rolling Stones concert film Shine a Light has rocketed up to the #2 documentary spot, and I can smell Keith Richard’s breath from here…

Bring it on, old timers. Bring it on.


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Daniel says

Aug 15, 2008

Any word on a release date for UK iTunes?

Gary says

Aug 19, 2008

No set date yet Daniel. But it's supposed to be "soon"...

Gary says

Aug 19, 2008

P.S. Of course, the Rolling Stones kicked Helvetica's butt. Current USA iTunes rank: #3 in documentaries...