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October 22, 2007

Show me the money

Went to two big design conferences last week: the AIGA Conference in Denver, and Design Thinkers in Toronto. Denver was a homecoming of sorts, all the people I’ve met at all the AIGA screenings we’ve done across the country were there. The screening was packed and fun, and it felt like a nice way to start wrapping up this tour. Had a nice public event at the Mayan Theatre in Denver too (shout out to the Sutter sisters!).

After the AIGA screening, Veer gave away some of the love/hate notebooks and Helvetica film coffee mugs to the crowd. The rules to the giveaway were simple: the first 15 people who could show they had something with Helvetica on it on their person (like printed on their shirt, or something in their pockets, etc.) got the goodies. Michael Bierut, who had done the post-screening Q&A with me, reached into his pocket and pulled out a five dollar bill. Then it dawned on me… Helvetica is on the US currency! I never realized that our $5, $10, $20, and $50 notes have those numbers in Helvetica at the bottom right corner of their backsides. I could have used that in the film! Argh…

Thanks to Michelle Stanek and everyone at AIGA, and Angela Spiteri and everyone at RGD in Toronto. And to Stefan Sagmeister, who joined me for a hilarious Q&A in Toronto.

This week: Stockholm, Tallinn (that’s in Estonia, FYI), then back to New York. Wait, New York City… isn’t that where Helvetica has been extended for a 7th week at the IFC Center? Why yes, it is. Excellent.


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