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April 4, 2007

Telephone call from Istanbul

If you haven’t been to Istanbul before, you need to go. Now. It’s an amazing city, and this is the first time I’ve been here. We had two great screenings, one at Bilgi University on Monday, and last night at the 26th Istanbul International Film Festival. The film got a really positive response from both the audiences and the press (I was on Turkish television twice!), and I’ve had an incredible time all-around.

The one thing that astonished me is how much Helvetica there is here! Granted, I’m hypersensitive to spotting the big H, but really, it’s ridiculous here. Will post some photos at some point. And the city has an amazing energy to it, after spending four days here all sorts of ideas started bouncing around in my head about filming an indie fiction film in Istanbul…

Special thanks to everyone at the festival, it was really an honor to be part of it. And thanks to the folks at HEP, Bilgi University, the bartenders at Cesayir, Mr. Paul Marlow, and especially my fantastic guide (and Supertramp fan) Elif.


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Cuneyt says

Apr 05, 2007

Yer wrong! We dont have enough Helvetica in Istanbul =)