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September 28, 2007

The skinny on Savan

Many filmgoers have remarked on media writer Leslie Savan‘s appearance in the film, saying they liked the way she explained the subconsious messages of graphic design in terms that non-designers could understand. Others who haven’t read her work before have wondered, “Why is she in the film?” Well I’ll tell you why: in 1976 Savan wrote an essay for the Village Voice called “This Typeface Is Changing Your Life.” The article was about, you guessed it, Helvetica taking over New York City. She interviewed Massimo Vignelli, the people at the MTA, etc. So you could say that she’s like me, but 30 years ago. Or the other way around. The essay isn’t online, but it is in her book, The Sponsored Life.


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Adam says

Sep 28, 2007

One of the most memorable people in the movie was the chap talking about the differences in type bewteen the 1950's Coke ad and the 1970's (?).

"Helvetica says DRINK COKE". "Period". "Any questions?" "No".


Gary says

Sep 28, 2007

That's Michael Bierut, of the design group Pentagram. One of my favorite parts too, that seems to get a laugh in any country we show the film.

andré carvalho says

May 30, 2008

her essay is also on the book "looking closer 3, classics writing on graphic design", by michael beirut, jessica helfand and steven heller. it's one of the shortests essays of the book, but it's also one of the most interesting ones. i was amazed about how young she looks on the movie. i really enjoyed her interview also.