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November 4, 2008

Turning Japanese

This is awesome… but I wonder what it says?


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Robert Gregory says

Nov 11, 2008

Gary - You look great in Japanese, Didn't I see that guy in the film Snatched. Hey I was hard at work today and found myself inspired by your current project, Objectified. I realized after years of benign indulgence, that I completely take for granted my pen. I have a favorite that I use religiously everyday, uni-ball 207 Gel, Meium 0.7 Blue by Signo. Not to mention, I have tried other pens, oh yes I have. My Unibal 207 is the pen of pens. They come in boxes of twelve and I store them in my desk by the box loads because I never want to be without. I have taken this faithful friend for granted. This faithful friend who always does what I ask, who never splurts, spills or refuses my demands. I am sure the people responsible for creating "my" pen are as passionate about my pen as I am. It would be nice to thank them personally. Getting through the corporate myriad at sanfordcorp to get to the design team is another story. Thank you for celebrating the mundane not being mundane.

Rika Everett says

Dec 31, 2008

Hello, My name is Rika. I am Japanese and I live in CA. I have watched the film twice. The first time I borrowed the DVD from a library, the last time I went to the movie theater in Santa Monica.

It is very interesting film. I have never thought the idea that the western designers consider about Helvetica personally, and socially in the film.

The Japanese news you have here is written by Asahi Newspaper. The article is the announcement of the exhibition in Tokyo that is called the History of Helvetica, and introduces the film Helvetica and the director of the film.

"The movie whose title is Helvetica, that is the name of the world well-known font, has been published by Kadokawa Entertainment as the memorial for 50 years anniversary of the birth of the font. Every one in the world is fascinated by the beauty of Helvetica. "

In the article, they are introducing the history of Helvetica a little, and some critiques about it in the film, too.

For example: Helvetica is very impressive font and moves us, so it has been applied to many big companies' logos. but at meantime it is said that Helvetica is so dehumanized font.