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March 18, 2008

Heavy metal printing lot

Sam Mallett, a graphic design student from The University of Wales, has done a series of prints using the original metal type versions of Neue Haas Grotesk and Helvetica.

From Sam: “I did a short work placement in Zürich and had the opportunity to play with some lead type, so I designed and printed this poster to illustrate a small but important change in the typeface’s development. It’s an A3 poster with 72pt. Halbfett Haas Grotesk in one colour and 72pt. Halbfett Helvetica in another. I printed and numbered 100 posters in various colours. You can see the colours and photos of the printing process on my Flickr page. To make some funds for my final major project I was hoping to sell a few. If anyone wants to buy one, contact me at sammallett [at] mosaicparty [dot] com”


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Benjamin A. Wendelboe says

Mar 19, 2008

Love them! Had to order myself a red/blue one and a red/blue one with just the font titles..!

Sean Fox says

Mar 21, 2008

Great poster!!

...You might be interested in seeing a poster I designed for a project titled 'communication in context', We were each asked to design a piece in context with a subject area we were each allocated, and I got engineering, upon looking into the field, I noticed a big similarity that both typographers and engineers have to use precision in their work to solve their problems, otherwise only more problems will be created.

So I decided for my work to produce a blue-print poster showing a complete break-down of the Helvetica typeform, every angle and length measured to pin-point precision, and then to make it like a designer's toolkit, I also included the perfect kern values (in my opinion) for each type pairing.

You might find it quite interesting, and I hope you like it...
You can find it at;



Sean Fox