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February 1, 2007

Wim Crouwel Exhibition

Helvetica participant and design legend Wim Crouwel is the focus of an upcoming show at the Galerie Anatome in Paris. “Wim Crouwel: architectures typographiques 1956-1976″ will run February 9th to April 28th, and there will be a presentation of the exhibition catalog designed by Experimental Jetset (who also designed the exhibition graphics, above, with photography by Johannes Schwartz) on April 26th, with both Crouwel and the Jetset in attendance.


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Danny says

Feb 01, 2007

Hey Gary, funny to see the invitation posted here.
One small correction: we aren't responsible for the exhibition design, only for the design of the invitation and catalogue. So we built this background, and made this photograph, only to use the image on the invitation and catalogue. More pictures of this photo shoot can be seen on our MySpace page.
Okay, speak to you later!
Best, Danny.

Gary says

Feb 01, 2007

Got it, thanks Danny!

Shaun Tollerton says

Mar 15, 2007

Looking forward to the exhibition in London this April.