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January 29, 2007

You like to watch

So far about 50,000 of you have watched the video clips from Helvetica. Nice! I would really like to post more clips, but I’m facing opposition from Shelby, our editor. Here’s a typical conversation from the edit suite:

Me: “Hey, maybe we could post some of Matthew Carter’s interview on the website?”

Shelby: “Don’t give the whole film away.”

Me: “What about a few minutes from the section on the backlash against Helvetica?”

Shelby: “Don’t give the whole film away.”

Me: “How about the part where we go to Switzerland and…”

Shelby: “Don’t give the whole film away.”


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oliver says

Jan 29, 2007

I'd love to see more clips, but I don't want it given away either. Perhaps the clips on this site should be ones that will not be in the film? Outakes, extended interviews, etc.

Gary says

Jan 29, 2007

Thanks Oliver. Yeah, we've started doing that with the Vignelli outtake, but I guess the bigger issue is time, even the raw extended stuff takes time to edit and format, and we're crunching for the next few weeks to get the final film edit done...

But we'll definitely upload a few more of the outtake clips, and there will be at least an hour of bonus footage on the DVD.

richard says

Jan 29, 2007

Any chance of having screenings at colleges and universities?

Gary says

Jan 29, 2007

Richard, the film will screen at dozens of colleges this year. There will be a screening schedule posted on the site on February 6, please check back then.

Herb Siegel says

Jan 30, 2007

Gary, I believe you should trust the value judgements from your editor and not give away too much on these clips, make the people "crave" your movie, create interest and excitement, too much of a good thing maynot be the best approach all the time.

William says

Jan 30, 2007

Enough with the clips. I want to see the finished film!

jube says

Feb 06, 2007

The film will come to méxico?

Gary says

Feb 15, 2007

Yes! We're still working on the dates, but there will be a couple screenings in Mexico over the summer.

Andrew Doane says

Mar 04, 2007

Will the Film be coming to the UK? Really eager to see it. If not when will it be released on DVD?