How to Host a Screening Event

Colleges, Museums, and Cultural Organizations:
Colleges, libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions can order the institutional copy of the films. Institutional copies come with a limited public performance license that allows classroom and library use, and on-site screenings that are free for students or members and not advertised to the general public. If you have specific questions about the scope of the public performance license, please email: info (at)

Smaller Public Screenings:
If you’re screening the film for an audience of less than 100 people, you can order the institutional copy of the film and we’ll allow you to use it for a one-time public screening, with either paid or free admission. If you’d like to have your event listed in our events calendar, please your details to: info (at)

Film Festivals, Corporate Screenings or Larger Public Events:
Screening fees depend on factors such as the size of the venue and expected audience, how many times you plan on showing the film, and whether you’re charging admission or not. Please contact us at info (at) and let us know the details of what you’re planning.