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January 3, 2009

Get hip to the Jetset

Dutch design activists and musicologists Experimental Jetset have (finally!) updated their website and online archive, which gets us caught up on the last three years of their output. Why the wait? A) They’ve been busy, uhm, designing lots of things, and stressing out about it. And B) They write detailed essays about the process, design strategy, and philosophical underpinnings of every project, with meticulous photos. I like the preview mode, where you can view thumbnails of their entire archive on one page. Great stuff, guys!

And I really want the “I Want Less” T-shirt. Yes, I appreciate the irony of the preceding sentence.



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danny says

Jan 03, 2009

Hey Gary, thanks for the post. Wanted to write you earlier about the relaunch of our website, but after New Year's Eve we all got the flu. That's how it goes sometimes. Hope all goes well with the movie. Will mail you soon! Best, Danny.

By the way, you should check out 'Radio Silence' (MTV Press), this awesome book about the aesthetics of hardcore punk. Mark Owens has an essay in it. It's excellent. You'll like it.

Okay, back to bed. I'm still sick.

gary says

Jan 04, 2009

yo danny, thanks for the book tip. hope you guys are feeling better!