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September 6, 2017

Rams Update

Greetings friends! Apologies for the gap since my last RAMS update. It’s been a busy summer here, we’ve been doing a lot of filming on the project. Since the last update, we’ve filmed more with Dieter in Germany and England. We were for onsite Dieter’s first visit to the new Vitsoe UK headquarters in Royal Leamington Spa, just north of London. The new Vitsoe building is a marvel of architectural design, natural lighting, and sustainable materials, and incorporates many of Rams’ principles in its design and construction. The building, and the work the goes on inside it, are testaments to Rams’ legacy, and it was an important moment for us to capture him seeing it for the first time. We were also given access to film the Strong Collection, over 250 vintage Braun items recently gifted to Vitsoe by graphic designer Tom Strong.



We also filmed Dieter’s 85th birthday at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt, an event attended by several hundred friends and colleagues. Those in attendance included MAK curator Klaus Klemp, Mark Adams of Vitsoe, Rolf Fehlbaum of Vitra, writer and curator Sophie Lovell, former Braun designer Dietrich Lubs, and the current head of Braun design Oliver Grabes. The evening also served as the opening for a new room at the museum dedicated to Dieter, which will feature rotating exhibitions of his work.


When we announced the film last year, our estimated release date was September 2017. Well, we still have a lot of editing and several more shoots to do, so the film will be finished and released sometime this Spring. I’ll be announcing our world premiere date and venues a few months from now.

I’m very excited about getting closer to completing the film and showing it to all of you this Spring. I’ll get you another update soon, and my huge thanks to all of you for your support.