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February 3, 2015

The Book is Finished!

Greetings friends! I can finally say those four little words I’ve wanted to say for the past year: the book is done! The Design Trilogy complete interviews book is a reality. I am blown away by how well it turned out, and how heavy it is: two and a half pounds! We just got the first copy overnighted to us, I’ve included a few photos below. Our friends at Build added some really nice touches to the design, like the neon yellow endpapers and a bonus gift of a custom bookmark. Beautiful.






The books are en route to us from the printer now and they’ll arrive late this week. Order your copy here. Huge thanks again to all of you for helping to make this possible, to Michael C. Place and Joe Luxton at Build for the design work, to Prolific Printing for the excellent print job, and to Katie Herman for all the editing help.