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September 6, 2014

An update on the interviews book

Greetings friends, hope you’re all well. It’s been a busy summer here in New York, we’ve been continuing with our editing work on the book, and our friends at Build have been refining the book’s design. It’s looking really great, we’ve carried over the cover font, Maison Neue by Timo Gaessner, into the book’s interior text and chapter headings. Like so:



Yep, a sans serif font for body copy. Go figure.

And even though the printing costs are much lower in Asia, we’re committed to printing the book here in North America. One advantage is a much quicker turnaround, only four weeks after we approve the proofs. We’re continuing to work on the copy editing and proofreading, and the index (which is turning out to be quite a job), so as soon as it goes to press I’ll have a solid ship date for you. But I think we’re looking at November now as a realistic release month. I hate to keep adding time, but I really want to get this thing done right. Thanks for your patience on this, I know you’re going to enjoy the results.