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December 15, 2010

An Update on “Urbanized”, and How You Can Help

Luke Geissb├╝hler and Gary Hustwit atop a heliport in Santiago, Chile.

Hello friends, just wanted to give you a quick update on Urbanized. We’ve been crazy busy the past six months, traveling and filming all over the world, meeting some amazing people, and getting what I think is some incredible footage. We’re still working on getting a “real” website up for the film, and a trailer, and we’re knee-deep in editing, and… well there aren’t enough hours in the day. Suffice to say that we’ve done extensive filming in a dozen cities on four continents, and we still have at least another six trips to go. We’ll be detailing some of the people and projects we’ve been filming when we launch the real site, within the next 30 days. But my Twitter feed is still the place to get the latest updates and other musings.

How can you support Urbanized? Well, it’s pretty simple. Urbanized is a totally independent project, funded mainly by the revenue from Helvetica and Objectified. So the easiest and best way for you to support the new film is to buy merchandise from the previous films. If you’d like to help out now, you can purchase any of these fine items (they make great gifts, too):

There are less than 20 of these limited prints left, so get them while they’re around. If you’re anywhere in Europe, you can order DVDs from our UK Webshop.

Another way to help if you’re in North America or the UK is to buy or gift a digital copy of Helvetica or Objectified from iTunes.

Thanks again for supporting the film and following along on this journey with us, and I’ll have more news soon.



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Neal Hacker says

Dec 16, 2010

So excited about this work you are doing! How can I participate? This is an area of great passion for me.

The Shopping Sherpa says

Dec 18, 2010

Have you considered selling Urbanised in advance? Musician Greg Johnson did this with the CD he released this year, giving fans several levels of financial involvement: the lowest priced option (the same price as a normal CD release) got you the CD a week in advance, and got him the money to record and market it to new audiences. Then there was the option to pay $50 and get your name on the cover booklet, a free acoustic sessions downloadable immediately and access to a "behind the scenes" website.

There were also $300 and $3000 options for the truly commited and cashed up.

Just a thought...

gary says

Dec 18, 2010

Yes, we've actually done that with both previous films, and plan on doing pre-sales of the Urbanized DVD as it gets closer to the release next year. Thanks for the input!


brian k says

Jan 06, 2011

gary, can't wait for the new film...i met you briefly in cleveland at the cinematheque for the screening of objectified and am (un)patiently awaiting the news on the release and details of this film. it would be impossible to say that your films get "better" as they progress because i really think they are "perfect" as they are. i can't wait to see the choices of cities you are showcasing (not sure if that's the right word). good luck with the work. hope all goes well and hopefully we'll see you return to cleveland, ohio for the next film release.

Nic says

Nov 21, 2011

Dear Gary,

Our company is handling programme acquisitions for Belgium (Europe). Would it be possible to let me know who is handling the distribution for your documentaries?

Thanks a lot and looking forward to your reply.