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July 5, 2009


The scene outside the Grand Teatret I did a quick trip to Europe last week for three evenings of Objectified in Copenhagen, Munich, and Amsterdam. The Copenhagen event was organized by Simon Roche and our friends at Sweet Talk Copenhagen, who also put on the Helvetica premiere in 2007. Design website Dansk Dynamit co-presented the evening. The weather was perfect, and the pre-show queue turned into an outdoor drinking party. Sweet Talk’s Simon Roche hauls the PA… … so DJ Tilde can rock the Copenhagen after-party The it was on to Munich and a screening at TU-Munich, the big technical university there. Coincidentally it was the same day as Summerfest, the end-of-term party hosted by the school’s architecture program, so there were thousands of students outside drinking beer, eating bratwurst and listening to big band of old German guys. The screening was held in a classic auditorium at the school, with long, curved wooden desks. Definitely a unique venue, with great atmosphere and a super staff of student A/V volunteers. Thanks to Martin, Philip, Fabricio, Leif, and everyone at IDEO Munich for their help and hospitality, and to Prof. Fritz Frenkler and the staff at TU-M for hosting the screening. Smart Project Space was our next event locale, on a blisteringly hot Amsterdam day. It’s a fantastic space, a combination of cinema, performance space, art exhibition gallery, restaurant/bar and artists’ studios. And it’s right on one of the canals, so you could pull your boat right up to the dock. If you had a boat, that is. The three sold-out screenings were nice, with special guests Experimental Jetset, and Wim and Judith Crouwel in attendance. Things went so well that it looks like we’ll be returning for a week-long run there in September, stay tuned for details. Thanks to Laurence at Plexi UK and Chris at Smart Project Space for all the help organizing. Back to the states now, for events next week in Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Diego. Objectified is also playing three nights at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, screening all next week at CinĂ©ma du Parc in Montreal, and opening at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle this Friday. Cheers! – Gary


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Maxim Kopeikin says

Jul 07, 2009

How probable is the fact that you will come to Riga? Is it possible to organize an event here?