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June 26, 2009

Dispatch from Brazil

Panel discussion after the Rio de Janeiro screening.

I can now scratch another country of my “never been there” list: Brazil. And what a trip it’s been, thanks to some incredible hosts: Billy Bacon, Leo Eyer, and all the people at WeDo Design and their new venture Bold.

The event in Rio de Janeiro was held at the Museum of Modern Art (MAM), which is an awesome space… I could write hundreds of pages about the architecture here. The screening was so packed that they set up an overflow space outside, with people sitting in lounge chairs, sipping cerveja and watching the movie with its new (we barely finished them before show time!) Portuguese subtitles. Great panel discussion afterwards, with a slant towards sustainability, which is something I’ve noticed at a lot of the Q&A’s.

While in Rio I also had the honor of visiting the studio of legendary architect and designer Sergio Rodrigues. See my blog post for more on Sergio.

On to Sao Paulo, which the New York Times described as “the ugliest, most dangerous city you’ll ever love.” While I think SP’s gotten much safer recently, it’s definitely an acquired taste. The traffic alone could drive you mad; our trip to the Instituto Tomie Ohtake, where the screening was being held, normally takes 10 minutes by car. But in Friday SP rush hour, it took an hour and a half! We were giddy with exhaust fumes by the time we made it there, but it ended up being another packed screening and great panel discussion afterwards.

Might as well jump (Jump!) at the Instituto Tomie Ohtake.

Overall I was really impressed by the design scene in both cities, and how the appreciation of design can be a universal language that bridges cultures. And you know what else is a bridge between cultures? Food! Suffice to say I’ve gained like 10 pounds since being here… the food is so good, and the restaurants stay open insanely late. I’ve had such an amazing time here in Brazil, I can’t squeeze it all into this post. Will write more soon!



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Bruno Porto says

Jun 27, 2009

Sensacional! Glad you had a terrific time!

Mike says

Jun 28, 2009

All this globe-trotting is excellent but what I want to know is...when are you bringing this film to Australia? I am hanging to see it.

billybacon says

Jun 28, 2009

Yeahhhhh!! We worked hard, Gary, to make your visit to Brazil very special! People here really enjoyed the opportunity to watch your movies! Let's do it again in the next movie! :)

Thiago says

Jul 02, 2009

I would like to leave a message here.

I waited a LONG, LONG time to watch objectified, me and my friends still watch everyday the trailer waiting for the movie, and when we saw that Rio de Janeiro - Brazil was on the list of screenings we jumped and yelled and celebrated a lot.

We called MAM to ask for informations (if we had to buy tickets etc), no one could give us ANY information, they knew nothing about the screening of some "Objectified" movie. We waited until 20th of June expecting for more information. Well, again, they didn't knew about the screening of Objectified, and I got so disappointed that I cried, months of wait for nothing.

The lack of information in MAM's site was also impressive, these guys drove me crazy, how can't they know about what's going on inside their museum?

Now I started a new wait for the release of Objectified on piratebay (yeah you heard me, piratebay) because that's the only chance of we brazillians watch objectified, i'm sure there won't be any DVDs here.

gary says

Jul 04, 2009

Thiago, I agree there wasn't any information on the museum's site, probably because it was an outside event, not part of the museum's programming. The organizers had hired the museum for the night for the screening. Apologies about the confusion, but we'll have other screenings in Brazil announced soon, and then DVD release, which you will easily be able to order from this site (not from PirateBay!).



billybacon says

Jul 18, 2009

Hi, Thiago... I was responsible for the Objectified screening in Brazil... Although we presented the movie in MAM's cinemateque, it was not in the museum's program even though we really tried hard... Events such this are pretty difficult to make it happen without flaws... Soon, Objectified will be presented again... Please, get in touch with me at billybacon@bolddesign.com.br and we will hopefully change such bad impression... Sincerely, Billy Bacon.