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September 18, 2009

DVD release date changed

There’s been a manufacturing snafu with the DVDs, and as a result the release date has been changed from September 29 to October 13. We sincerely apologize about this. Pre-orders will still get priority early shipping before the new release date. Again, we apologize for this delay and appreciate your patience. If you have any questions regarding your order please email us at info[at]objectifiedfilm[dot]com. Thanks!


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Chubrick says

Sep 18, 2009

Does this apply to the iTunes Release date as well?

gary says

Sep 18, 2009

Yep. iTunes needs to be the same day as the general DVD release. I'm bummed, but nothing we can do about it at this point. Cheers!

Nooooooo says

Sep 18, 2009

Man I've been waiting to long for this! Wasn't it suppose to come out in June or July??? I guess another 14 days won't hurt the months of waiting I have already waited :( :(

gary says

Sep 19, 2009

Sorry, but this is complicated, time-consuming work, and we're a tiny, independent group doing it all. Simultaneously producing the DVD, the Blu-ray disc, the digital download versions, custom USB drives with the film on them, two special edition versions with all the extras, all the packaging designs, the limited-edition print, the tote bags, and more... it's hard work! I hope you'll agree it's worth the wait. Thanks!

woodear says

Sep 19, 2009

like blizzard...

Let's be patient...



Alvise says

Sep 20, 2009

Let's hope only won't be any other delay...

Espen says

Sep 20, 2009

To bad, but I am quite certain it will be well worth the wait :)

Ahh! says

Sep 21, 2009

This makes my stomach hurt. I came here to see if there were any updates to tide me over until I receive the DVD...not what I had in mind. Ah well, like Nooooooo already said, I suppose another two weeks wont be much as I've already been waiting about a year ;). I need to move to a more film festival centric city.

Steve says

Sep 23, 2009

Again, thanks so much Gary for keeping up in the loop.

Stefan says

Sep 28, 2009

So no more hectic reloading of the iTunes site nescessary for today? ;-)

Brenda says

Sep 30, 2009

Gary how do you get the DVD version in English without the subtitles?

gary says

Oct 02, 2009

Brenda, it doesn't exist. But just curious, why would you need one?

Iulian says

Oct 04, 2009

Hi Gary,

Is the BluRay being released on Oct 13 as well? I'm asking because I preordered the bluray a few weeks ago, I'm in one of those small far away countries and I need to keep a constant eye on the Post Office.

Like they say, snafu happens, thank you for keeping us informed.

yuki says

Oct 07, 2009

Does anyone received the DVD already ?!?!