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October 8, 2009

DVDs are shipping, tote bags shipped separately

DVD update: standard DVD pre-orders began shipping on Tuesday, so if you pre-ordered one you should be receiving your copy soon. The free tote bag will be shipped in a separate package, approximately October 16.

Limited-edition DVDs and USB orders are also shipping at the end of this week. But the Blu-ray release date is getting pushed back a week, to October 20. We’ll update everyone when the Blu-ray pre-orders start shipping. Thanks for your patience.


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Stefan says

Oct 09, 2009

What about an iTunes HD release? I would buy it!

Alvise says

Oct 13, 2009

Today the dvd have been released, but mine is still not here.. i bought it on pre-order 2 months ago, but for the snafu i waited as for the others pre-orders 2 weeks more

in my dreams last weekend was dedicated for the film, but my copy didn't arrive

Today i went on the Itunes store and it was there, ready to download for US customers

I asked Plexi for two times during last week if they could supply me the tracking number and/if my dvd has been shipped, i received NO answer at all

As i said, i see the film available on Itunes but i'm outside US/UK so Objectified cannot be bought.. i feel like a child in front of a toy store

So at the moment i don't know if i'll receive it, when i'll receive it, if it have been shipped, if in Plexi they work only one week per year, if all those that bought the DVD are in my situation... and i don't know WHY i bought it on pre-order if i'll receive my copy after the normal ones

I'm very disappointed about that

gary says

Oct 14, 2009

alvise, not sure which country you're in, and which shipping method you chose. but your order has been shipped, and it depends on those factors when you'll get it. you'll receive it soon.

Alvise says

Oct 14, 2009

Dear Gary, thank you for your kind reply

I've just received the confirmation of Plexi, the DVD shipped today, WED 14 OCT.. i was right, it has not been despatched on tuesday 7th, so now i can stop waiting for the postman

so my question remain, why preordering if the DVD is shipped with (or later than) the usual ones?

I'd like only to say that my posts are only referred to the shipping and to the distribution of the DVD, not to your great work, i sincerely hope you understand. Also, maybe i'm not the only one in this situation

i live in Italy, it's months that i see premieres of Objectified around the world but not in my country; i enjoyed Helvetica and i'm sure that i will enjoy Objectified too, sooner or later

so.. let's wait..


Ascanio says

Oct 15, 2009


You are not alone here. I too have just lately received confirmation of shipment (well behind the release of the DVD).
It is funny to think that pre-release items are shipped (let alone delivered) AFTER the formal public release. But then again, given the limited amount of time before the release (just one week), it was easy to slip behind.

I am more disappointed about the fact that the limited edition USB stick does not feature the HD track, which would have been easy to fit in. Nobody's perfect.. I'm still waiting to receive confirmation of the USB sticks shipment by the way.

Will let you know when I finally get all the stuff I payed for (I purchased 6 copies in total!!)

Iulian says

Oct 15, 2009

From what I understand, not all shipments are confirmed via email?

Emerson says

Oct 15, 2009

Got the DVD today! Still waiting on the Blu-Ray disc, totes, and shirts...

Silu says

Oct 17, 2009

I watched this movie last night...I was working in the school library, and I found this was the latest movie on the shelf, and I just realized that this was coming from the same director of Helvetica, which I totally enjoyed....

I love the movie and I am a MUJI, MAC, & BMW fan...OMG!!! Thanks for all of your good work! :)

Brett says

Oct 18, 2009

I got mine today. I never received an email notification that it was being shipped. No worries! Great film Gary! I never got to go to a screening but I loved Helvetica so much I thought I would give this one a shot.

Ascanio says

Oct 24, 2009

Today I received one out of six copies I purchased (with the tote bag included in the envelope).

Must admit there was a good reason for being so angry at the shipment delays: this documentary is great!
I had to push myself not to download it somewhere from the web, I wanted to watch it straight from my pre-order dvd's!

Fantastic how the perspectives have been put together.. and how finally someone puts a definition to the word "design" (there is such a lack of it especially here in Italy).

Thanks Gary for this piece of history. Makes me feel proud about my job!

Ascanio says

Nov 01, 2009

I'm sorry to nag again, but while my other 3 DVD's are being sent out only now due to "human error" (I was sent only 1 copy out of 4 purchased), my Limited Edition USB sticks are nowhere to be seen and upon information request, I got no response.

Who do I have to get in touch with to get a hold of the situation?
The folks at Plexi are probably having a hard time, but I paied for these goods months ago.. I also had to spend a lot of money on shipments (no multiple item discount).. is this fair?

Ascanio says

Nov 07, 2009

I am happy to confirm all my items have ultimately arrived.
(3 "pre-order" DVD's from UK, with tote bags + 2 Limited Edition USB sticks and 2 tote bags from US)

Thanks for everything.