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June 9, 2011

Filming in Rio de Janeiro

Went to Rio de Janeiro a few weeks ago for a shooting trip, I’ve been wanting to revisit the city for a few years now, ever since my first trip in 2009 for the Brazilian premiere of Objectified. I met with Mayor Eduardo Paes to discuss the challenges facing the city, and some of the design solutions they’ve been implementing. Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the World Cup in 2014, and the 2016 Summer Olympics, so the city is in middle of a massive building boom and is upgrading its transportation systems.

Rio has also implemented a smart tech “control center” that monitors and oversees traffic issues, the city’s power grid, rainfall and flooding threats, crime, and coordinates response from the respective city agencies.

While I was in Rio I also had the honor of filming a conversation between two legendary architects: Sir Norman Foster and 103-year-old Oscar Niemeyer, moderated by curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. This was the first time the two architects had met, and they had plenty to discuss. We were also able to talk to Niemeyer for Urbanized, about his body of work, Brasília (the location of the first shoot we did for Urbanized, back in 2009), and the design of cities. At 103, Niemeyer is the world’s oldest working architect, and one of Brazil’s national treasures. He’s not getting around as easily as he once did, but is still very lucid and passionate about architecture and cities.

Oscar Niemeyer’s 1996 Niterói Contemporary Art Museum:

Sir Norman Foster, Oscar Niemeyer (103!), and some documentary filmmaker:

Special thanks to Jessica Edwards, Pamela Puchalski, our friends Billy Bacon and Leo Eyer for all the logistics help, the office of Oscar Niemeyer Architecture, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lord Foster and Lady Foster, Mayor Paes, Vik Muniz, Malu Barreto, Bernardo Palmeiro, Isabela Mora, and Pedro Rivera.

Back to the editing room… we’re getting closer to finishing the film!



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david renó says

Jun 10, 2011

can't wait to see the film