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July 27, 2008

Help wanted: translators

Are you in New York City, and can you speak Dutch, German, French, or Japanese fluently? We’re looking for volunteer translators for a few days in August. If you can help out with any of those languages, or to get more information, please email: info (at) objectifiedfilm (dot) com.


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Marc Piel says

Jul 30, 2008

I'm not physically in New York, but with eMail, webcam, skype, and voip on the phone, I can be virtually there. I am not a big name, (never wanted that) but products we have designed are sold in over 160 countries and some continue to be used 14 years or more after their introduction. I' am a french Industrial Designer that has worked on three continents and would enjoy helping you translate.....

Scott Graham says

Jul 30, 2008

Good morning,

Like the previous post, I too am not physically in NYC -- rather in Ottawa and Montreal. I am a second-year industrial design student in the latter city and would absolutely love to lend my French-speaking bilingualism skills to your film. If help is needed, help is only an e-mail away.

gary says

Jul 30, 2008

Marc and Scott, thanks for the offers, but it really needs to be someone who's here in NYC, they've got work here with us in our editing facility. And actually I think we've got French covered now. But thanks again!

gary says

Jul 30, 2008

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who's emailed us about translating. Looks like we've got French and Dutch covered now. Still need Japanese and German though!