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August 28, 2008

Inside Naoto’s studio

I’m in Tokyo this week, and had the privilege of spending a day in the busy studio viagra otc of Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. My taxi ride there ended prematurely when the side street we were driving on became so narrow that the driver actually got the cab wedged between the walls on each side of the street. He managed to reverse to a onlinepharmacy-viagra.com slightly wider area and let me out, and I continued the journey on foot. onlinepharmacy-levitra Fukasawa is known for his work with companies like Muji, IDEO, NEC, KDDI/AU, Issey Miyake, and his in-house design brand plusminuszero. During the interview we talked about the differences between Japanese and American design, and the different ways each culture relates to objects. We discussed the pros and cons of plastic and other materials. We also talked about his creative inspirations, and the concept of designing “without thought” — how people’s unconscious (and sometimes unintended) uses of objects can inspire new design possibilities. A few examples of this are Fukasawa’s umbrella with an indentation for holding your bag, and his Light with a Dish for catching your keys and change. I did some vérité kamagra filming of the studio at work, with Fukasawa and his staff fluidly switching back and forth between new chair designs and an kamagra oral jelly exhibition design. Afterwards I visited the plusminuszero shop, and did some filming at the huge Muji store in Ginza the next day. Doing more shooting around Tokyo this week… if

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it would just stop raining… Kanpai! –Gary


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Gabriel says

Aug 28, 2008

Hi very interesting, but where can I see or read the interview you made to Naoto.


gary says

Aug 28, 2008

Thanks Gabriel, you'll be able to see the interview when the film is released in early '09. And we'll be posting clips from several of the interviews over the coming months.

steven says

Aug 28, 2008


congratulations for creating for yourself one of the coolest jobs on the planet. this film and your last saw you traveling to places i want to travel to and talking with people that i want to talk to. i am incredibly excited to see the fruits of your labor.

Miles says

Aug 29, 2008

Please try and find someone to interview who isn't exactly who we expect you to interview. A surprise would be nice occasionally.

gary says

Aug 30, 2008

No worries Miles, I think I've got Jo Sinel confirmed...

Seb says

Sep 10, 2008


Do people usually have two pieces of toast, because the generic toaster offers two pieces? Or do you think the toaster was created with two slots to accommodate a standard that was already established?

Ergo : What came first, two pieces of toast, or the toaster?

gary says

Sep 10, 2008

Excellent question, Seb. I have no idea. But I seem to remember as a kid our toaster was one slice. So maybe the increase in slots in just part of modern progress.

I like this quote about the single slice toaster, from the wall sign in Naoto's shop: