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January 9, 2009

Last chance to become an Objectifier

As we put the finishing touches on the film, and get the end credits ready, this is your last chance to become an Objectifier and have your name (or your company’s name) listed in the “Thank You” section of the film’s credits.

The Objectifiers is a special group of friends who are helping to make this film possible. Join us now, and you’ll receive loads of gear (T-shirt, limited-edition screenprint, DVDs, etc.) and get invites to exclusive preview screenings with director Gary Hustwit and designers from the film in New York and London this Spring.

You’ll see your name in lights when the credits roll. Not only will you be helping us finish the film, but you’ll literally be part of it, forever. Join us now.


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Jay says

Jan 09, 2009

Is there a cut-off date?

gary says

Jan 10, 2009

we'd like to get the credits finalized by the 23rd, so we'll need all the names before then.

Honza says

Jan 11, 2009

Great Idea!!

gary says

Jan 11, 2009

the more pressing issue is that we're running out of the limited-edition screenprints that you get as part of the objectifiers membership... get 'em while we've got 'em.

Josh says

Oct 13, 2009

What's the latest on Objectifiers getting their membership perks? Particularly the DVD.

gary says

Oct 14, 2009

all objectifiers got a copy of the dvd shipped out to them last week. cheers!