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June 26, 2009

New event in Munich, added screenings in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, DC

We’ve added a last-minute special screening in Munich!

Wednesday, July 1, 20:00
Carl-von-Linde-Hörsaal 1200, Arcisstraße 21
80333 Maxvorstadt, München, Germany
Post-film Q&A with Gary Hustwit, Prof. Fritz Frenkler, and Leif Huff (IDEO)
Tickets will be on sale at the door, starting at 19:00. 10€ cash only.

Also both Amsterdam screenings on July 2 have sold out, so an extra early show has been added at 4:30pm. Only a limited amount of tickets are available, get yours now.

The June 29th Copenhagen screening has sold out, so an additional late show has been added at 9:30pm. Gary Hustwit will be introducing the late show but not doing a post-film Q&A. Tickets are available only at the Grand Teatret box office.

The Washington DC event at the Corcoran Gallery on July 6th has also sold out, and an additional 9:00pm late show has been added. Tickets for this new show are on sale now.


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Jessica says

Jun 29, 2009

miami fl, USA whennnn?????????

Markus Krisetya says

Jul 07, 2009

While talking to Mr. Hustwit outside of the screening venue at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC, Mr. Hustwit asked me if I had already secured a seat. When I told him I haven't, he told me I probably need to do so quickly. He proceeded to describe the venue and how the seats are positioned in a semi-circle making it hard to see the screen if you are stuck on one of the ends. He seemed a little frustrated as he continued his description by augmenting his explanation with hand gestures. Mr. Hustwit then stopped in mid sentence and turned to me, smiled and said with no hint of irony, "it is poorly designed."