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May 12, 2009

Objectified: the #1 independent film in the USA

Lots of news:

Objectified’s opening weekend ticket sales at the IFC Center theaters in New York made it the top grossing independent film in the country on a per-screen average. Thanks to everyone who came out over the weekend! Screenings at the IFC Center continue this week, with designers from the film appearing at this Friday and Saturday’s 8:20pm showings. Get tickets.

In the past week we’ve had events in Toronto, Vancouver, Cleveland, the New York City weekend events, and two great screenings last night in Philadelphia. They’ve all gone really well, will post some pictures soon.

And it don’t stop: this week there’s a special screening in Atlanta, an event at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and two nights at the Wexner Center in Columbus. Hope to see you there.

Also… we’ll be announcing the DVD release info next week!



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Jeff says

May 27, 2009

Hey Gary, I saw you at the Full Frame Festival in Durham few months back.

You seem to focus on the positive aspects of good industrial design, but I'm planning on doing my own documentary on the deceptive practices that companies use when selling products.

What you refer to as "good design" is sometimes con-artistry on the part of the company to get you to buy other things, pay them more, etc..