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July 27, 2008

Oh, you pretty things

We love the logo that Michael C. Place of Build (a.k.a. the British graphic designer in Helvetica with those crazy hairless cats) has designed for the film, and our first batch of Objectified merch:

Can’t read it? Step back a little. Got it? Now get it on American Apparel T-shirts, as well as a limited-edition silkscreen print.


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elena says

Jul 28, 2008

any chance that smaller-sized women's shirts are on the way?

Jo says

Jul 28, 2008

the women's large american apparel shirts are pretty small... but yeah, we can so some women's small too. will have them add it on the site. cheers!

seda ozcetin says

Jul 28, 2008

loved the logo!
smart and aesthetic approach!
i want to use it as a wallpaper of my computer.
any chance, free of charge :)

hellomuller says

Jul 28, 2008

Very nice! Spotted it was Micheal's work before I read it :)

unbea10 says

Jul 30, 2008

yes! we love! )))

rouss says

Jul 31, 2008

Got it, but what symbol represents letter "d" ?

gary says

Jul 31, 2008

Laura says

Aug 14, 2008

I love the logo too!
and because it's a calligram... it's posted on the Calligram Designer blog.

Bravo Michael! and Bravo Gary!