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March 19, 2009

Posters are in the shop…

Hot off the presses, it’s the official Objectified “one-sheet” poster, designed by Build and featuring dozens of objects by designers from the film and others. It even won an award already, for excellence in poster design at SxSW! Metallic silver and black, 27″ x 39″, lithograph, $20. Get one.


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Brandon says

Mar 20, 2009

Are the posters shipped rolled or folded?

gary says

Mar 21, 2009


Jordan says

Apr 03, 2009

Thanks for signing my poster Gary!!!! Just arrived.

Jason says

Apr 14, 2009

Is Gary signing all the posters?

Sung says

Apr 20, 2009

Is he really signing all the posters?

gary says

Apr 20, 2009

i signed a few hundred, all the early orders got a free bonus signed poster. not sure how many of those are left or if new orders are getting the bonus one...