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March 16, 2009

SxSW dispatch

So much going on here in Austin… here’s a quick re-cap: The World Premiere screening at the Paramount Theater Saturday night was fantastic, with over 1,000 people there. Editor Joe Beshenkovsky, and film stars Tim Brown, Davin Stowell, Dan Formosa, and Rob Walker joined me onstage afterwards, and we got some really insightful questions from the audience, and more at the panel the following day. I lost my iPhone the night of the premiere, which was sort of ironic, and that gave a new spin to the panel discussion about our attachment to manufactured objects. Special thanks to Richie for finding and returning it the following day! There have been nice things written about the film in Indiewire, Fast Company, and Wired, among others. CNet covered the panel I was part

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of today that covered digital distribution. And both of the posters we put up have been stolen. There’s one more screening of the film here tomorrow! Photos soon! Cheers, Gary


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bharani says

Mar 17, 2009

i am very happy to hear it :-)