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September 8, 2011

The Official Urbanized Poster!

Feast your eyes upon the official Urbanized poster, designed by the always industrious folks at Build. It’s two-sided, 27″ x 39″, and remixes some of the iconography Build created for the Urbanized limited-edition silkscreen prints (only a few of those left, get one).

Why two sides? 1) You get to you choose which side you want to display, and 2) If they’re randomly alternated when we post multiple copies, they create sort of a “city skyline” of their own, like such:

We’ll be bringing these along with us on the screening tour, and selling them via the website soon, so stay tuned. But we’ve also printed a special 11″x17″ version especially for the TIFF ’11 World Premiere, and we’ll be giving a copy to the first 100 ticket/pass holders who show up for the screening at the Ryerson Theatre tomorrow.



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Sean says

Sep 16, 2011

Is there a trailer of the film online and when will it play in NYC? Thanks.

gary says

Sep 19, 2011

The trailer is coming this week, and there are special screenings tomorrow 9/21 in NYC but they've been sold out for weeks. We'll be announcing a New York cinema run soon, which will happen in late October. Cheers!

Alicia says

Sep 24, 2011

I saw the film in NYC and really enjoyed it! Just one question, I saw you were wearing a blue button. What did it say, urban something? Anyway, the film was great! Your films keep getting better!