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January 5, 2009

The trailer is up

Look up at the top of the page. See that link in the nav bar that says Trailer? Click and watch.

There’s a higher-quality Quicktime version available too.


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Johan Ronnestam says

Jan 05, 2009


Why not embed your trailer here?

gary says

Jan 05, 2009

Oh... yeah I guess we could've done that, but that would've been too easy.

Tom Bland says

Jan 06, 2009

I am giggling with excitement like a little schoolgirl at your trailer.

Spring can't come around quickly enough.

Jon Parker says

Jan 06, 2009

Exciting to see how your vision has come together - starting to see a signature style in your cinematography and interview techniques. My friend and I were talking last week about how "Brakhage" gets used an adjective; maybe one day "Hustwit" will be too.

Can't wait to see the film. Congrats on the milestone.

matt says

Jan 07, 2009

Hi, what's the name of the alarm clock featured in the trailer? Thanks.

gary says

Jan 07, 2009

thanks jon! you're way too kind, sir.

and matt, that's one of naoto fukasawa's clocks for plusminuszero:

matt says

Jan 07, 2009

Thanks, Gary!

Guy says

Jan 22, 2009

looks great, especially the sneak peaks into the designer's studios.... can't wait.