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November 4, 2011

Urbanized cinema run expands to Chicago and San Francisco

As Urbanized continues its run at NYC’s IFC Center, the film is also opening in theaters in two more cities this weekend, Chicago and San Francisco, for one-week runs. Also both theaters are showing special commemorative screenings of Helvetica and Objectified. See the whole trilogy on the big screen! Windows 7 Chave de Produto November 4-10
Chicago IL, USA
Gene Siskel Film Center
A week of screenings at the Siskel Center! With special screenings of Helvetica and Objectified.
Tickets on sale now.

November 4-10
San Francisco CA, USA
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
A week of screenings at

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the YBCA! With special screenings of Helvetica and Objectified.
Tickets on sale now.


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william perkins says

Nov 05, 2011

I, am trying get the Minister of Transport in the NZ Government to watch your great film.

Alan Perkins

Sarah says

Nov 10, 2011


Please arrange to have more showings! I couldn't catch in in the city-- shows were sold out. I bet you if hosted some in the East Bay (Berkeley, Oakland, CA), people would come.

Thanks :)