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September 20, 2011

Urbanized Trailer

Finally got a trailer for Urbanized done! Hope you enjoy:


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Matthieu says

Sep 20, 2011

What's the city/place at 0:35 when we see the big screen on top of a plaza ?

Joe Clark says

Sep 21, 2011

“Fall 2011” means something different in the southern hemisphere.

gary says

Sep 22, 2011

@Matthieu: That's in Beijing, a place called “The Place”. It's located in the old embassy area of Beijing just north of all the Central Government buildings.

wm says

Sep 24, 2011

Hi Gary,

I'm a fan of your work.

I'm concurrently lecturing architecture in a local uni. I'm planning to organize a screening of all your films to the students. In order for that matter, I have a few question.

1. Do I need any clearance? Legal Issues in order to screen you films?
2. Will there be a dvd/ blu ray box set/ etc that compiles all three films if I've order it online?



myna lee johnstone says

Sep 27, 2011

the trailer does not portray being urbanized as i experience it, it should be pervaded with automobiles and their NOISE

gary says

Sep 28, 2011

@WM - you need to purchase institutional versions of the DVDs, they come with rights for on-campus screenings.

helvetica: http://www.helveticafilm.com/edvd.html
objectified: http://www.objectifiedfilm.com/shop

@myna - yes, sad but true...

Sarah says

May 09, 2012

Hi! I am an Art director in nyc. I have worked in film making(doc and fiction) and recently started working in urban gardening and Eco aware building. I will be in Rio for the rio+20 earth summit and am looking for projects tO work on while I am there. If u know of any documentary or otherwise, I'd love the contact!