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April 10, 2010

A Visit to Hatch Show Print

Earlier this week I drove from Arkansas to North Carolina to attend the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, and made a stopover in Nashville. I had the pleasure of visiting the legendary letterpress shop of Hatch Show Print, talking with director Jim Sherraden, and getting a tour of the joint. If you’re not familiar with the press, they’ve been printing for over 100 years, and are most well-known for the show posters they created for early bluegrass and country musicians and venues around Nashville.

Watch this short documentary about the press that was made a few years back.

Chaos reigns!

The lovely Michaela shows me a drawer of their huge collection of wood type.

A Wille Nelson poster in progress.

Carved guitars!

I bought a nice Johnny Cash poster and then hit the road again. You should definitely visit Hatch Show if you’re ever in Nashville. Thanks again to Jim and the staff there for taking the time to show me around.



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